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Best Pole Chainsaw Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021

Tired of climbing the ladder for doing cutting jobs? Face it, people, it is very tiring to cut branches and trees on a ladder. The same job can be done with one’s feet on the ground. Thinking how it is done,  just stick it to a pole, and that’s it. By adding a moderate chainsaw to a pole,  one gets a pole chain saw.  This will be an essential addition to your tool kit and makes landscaping seem an effortless task to perform. One can easily do challenging errands like cutting firewood, clear-felling trees, and pruning hedges. These are more leaned towards completing minor projects. After one has understood their needs and requirements, they have to look for the pole chainsaw that would suit their situation best.

It all depends on your wants and necessities, the following are the two types of saw that are running in the market.

Cordless Pole Saws

When holding a pole saw it should be comfortable in one’s hands to do the job correctly. With wires and cables involved, it just makes it more difficult. Here, in this design-type, it uses lithium-ion batteries as the power source. Some key features that cordless pole saw are offering are:

  • Highly portable.
  • Lithium-Ion battery with zero memory loss.
  • More easy orientation provided by the pole.
  • Meager maintenance costs.

Corded Electric Pole Saws

This is for those who are intending to do cutting works only around their homes or community. This requires a constant power source, and it should be within 100 ft from the device. Some consider this as a disadvantage. However, it still aces in some following aspects:

  • Relatively low cost on expenses.
  • Highly compatible and versatile.
  • Pocket friendly.

Look for the following features in the pole chainsaw:

  • Automatic Oiler- To keep the chain of the instrument in good condition, then it is a must to apply oil regularly. The oil tank ensures longer durability and lifespan. The pole saw with an automatic oiler will be a good option for many people.
  • Overhead Reach- Make that the pole extends anywhere between eight and ten feet. Longer wingspan or reach will help in cutting branches that are at a higher height.
  • Angle Head- Even with a pole saw, it is difficult to perform some cuts. But when attached with a proper angle and a handle, it reduces a lot of strain on the body. Choose one which helps you create cutting paths in all directions.
  • Tensioning System- On more extended usage, the chain may end up getting tight or loose. An adjusting wheel for the tension would be beneficial. It can mark the right amount needed for different orientations and jobs.
    Cost Assessment- It is essential to get your budget right in this market. Prices vary according to the extensions and attachments. Basic models start from 80$, and more advanced pole saw with many exciting features costs around 300$.
  • Warranty- The most commonly provided warranty period is for one year. During this one year, one can replace or repair attachments or the entire machine.

Bottom Line

To conclude, make sure to check the details and ratings properly. Consider both cord and cordless and test them to see which is a perfect fit. Make comfort a priority and choose what’s best for the house. To see the best available products, make sure to check out our list of top ten pole chainsaws.