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Best Electric Chainsaw Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021

Woodcutting is pretty standard in every residential home or even in professional areas. The most commonly used woodcutting appliance is a chainsaw. There are different kinds of chainsaws available, but the Electric Chainsaw is indeed the best out of them. The Electric Chainsaw can effectively cut, trim, prune the firewoods and also clear the stray branches. It does not emit any harmful radiation like the gas-powered chainsaws, which is a significant benefit if the user's health and other environmental factors are considered. Furthermore, these Electric Chainsaws also have lesser vibration in comparison to the regular ones. Therefore, one will not feel the numbness in their hands after certain hours of usage, which is another very massive benefit. In this buying guide, some features, factors and the basic types of Electric Chainsaw to consider are listed below.

What are the different types of electric chainsaws?

The best brands of electric chainsaws include the following two basic categories, and they are:

Corded Electric Chainsaw

As the name mentioned, these Electric Chainsaw types have an extended power cable or cord as their power source. The corded electric Chainsaw is pretty powerful and is mainly used for heavy-duty tasks like cutting the small branches of trees, shrubs, etc. These have an average weight of about 6 to 20lbs, which is more on the heavier side than the other type. One can have continuous usage by opting for the corded type without worrying about recharging the Electric Chainsaw every time since the power source here is endless.

Cordless Electric Chainsaw

These Electric Chainsaw types have rechargeable lithium or nickel-cadmium technology batteries, which are used as the fuel for running the Electric Chainsaw. This is an excellent option for people looking to ignore the hassle of wires and a portable option. The battery-powered Chainsaw's average weight is about 5lbs to 10lbs which is typically on the lighter side and can always be carried easily. It can effectively carry out trimming, cutting and pruning without any external efforts. Since the battery runs out of power, one needs to recharge the batteries again to resume work. Most of these Electric chainsaws also come with a specialized option that can help tighten the chains quickly!

Factors to consider before buying an Electric Chainsaw are:

  • Automatic Bar Oiler

The essential Maintenance of the Electric Chainsaw required by the user is the frequent oiling of the chains, which is quite time-consuming. Therefore, to ease that process, these have an automatic bar oiler feature which helps in easy oiling of the chains without any manual efforts!

  • Blade Size

There are different ranges of blade sizes appropriate for other processes, like 14 inches or lesser, primarily used for lightweight residential jobs. In contrast, the 18-inch electric chainsaw blades to a maximum of 36 inches are more often used for heavy-duty tasks.

  • Motor Power

If the corded type is considered, then the average motor power featured is about seven amps to 20 amps for carrying out different jobs with maximum efficiency. In contrast, the cordless Electric Chainsaw consists of motor power of about 20 volts to 50 volts for sustaining more extensive durations.

  • Blade Speed

One can effectively note the blade speed with the help of a chainsaw tachometer. The best brands' average blade speed is about 1500RPM to 4000RPM, which helps in a much faster and cleaner cut every time!

  • Chain Brake System

Often, users can experience a kickback while using the Electric Chainsaw. This happens due to the sudden thrust or pushes that occur when the Electric Chainsaw blade hits tough particles like nails, etc. In such cases, these consist of features called the manual chain break and inertia activated chain brake for stopping the chain from spinning anymore. The manual type contains right when the particle comes in contact with the expansive bar, mainly located at the Electric Chainsaw front. In the inertia-activated chain brake system, the chain will stop spinning without any physical trigger. It will stop spinning when it encounters an upward force. This ensures the maximum safety of the user during the cutting and trimming processes which are quite dangerous.

  • Chain Tensioner

This Electric Chainsaw features specialized knobs, which are usually adjusted for balancing the tension. The frequent hard beating of this is required for a sharper and precise cut.

  • Noise Levels

The best brands in these Electric chainsaws have noise levels below 70dB which offers a much quieter and soothing user experience compared to the regular chainsaws.

  • Buckling Spikes

Another protective feature during the kickbacks while using the Electric Chainsaw is the buckling spikes. It is connected to the body and can help dig in the tree trunk or other areas before cutting out for a better grip and cut.

  • Throttle Lock

The best Electric Chainsaws have a throttle lock feature that enables them to lock the throttle to prevent any unintentional operation.

  • Outer Material

The best Electric Chainsaw either has a metal or polycarbonate construction which is super sturdy and durable even for the most challenging tasks!

  • Attachments

Many Electric Chainsaws come with different types of attachments like debarkers, milling machines, poles, and so much more for the user's better convenience.

  • Air Cleaning Filter

These Electric Chainsaws also consist of an air-cleaning filter, which helps prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt particles within the unit's interior space.

  • Price

One can get their hands on the best Electric Chainsaw within the minimum price range of about $50 to $200 only!

  • Warranty

Motor speed, blades, or similar issues related to the Electric Chainsaws is always fixed with the brand warranty policy. One need not worry about such instances anymore since the brands always offer a warranty duration from one year to four years for such unwanted situations.

Final Thoughts

These Electric Chainsaws are quite versatile and are a worthwhile one-time investment. These have high levels of protection and are perfect for both beginners as well as professionals. Thus, get the best Electric Chainsaw today, roll up the sleeves, wear the chainsaw gloves and get going with the first wooden artwork! To know the top 10 best Electric Chainsaws, check out the list given above.