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Best 50cc Chainsaw Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021

Everyone uses a basic model of a chainsaw on the weekend to trim some branches, but for some, it is of a much bigger purpose. To cut down a fifty-sixty foot tree, a standard chainsaw is not going to do it. A professional 50cc chainsaw is perfect for handling all heavy-duty work. This is something that one needs to invest in if looking to work as a professional. Many lumberjacks and landscapers use such chainsaws to do their daily work. Therefore, before making the purchase, it is essential to consider a few aspects regarding the chainsaw.

Why 50CC Chainsaw?

With more power comes more efficiency in cutting hardwood in the forest. It is essential to have a pain free chainsaw to work with for long hours throughout the day. An engine with 50cc is more than enough to meet the requirements of most people. Its functionality is almost used for every kind of work. Many features, like tensioning options and internal air cleaning systems, simplify recreational jobs. Its versatility and compatibility are exceptional when it comes to fuel choice.
It can also oil the chain by itself, and the long bar makes it easy to work on any project. Fuel consumption and emission are low when compared with other types of chainsaws. These chainsaws have a quick start feature and heat up very fast. Its lightweight body and sleek design make it very comfortable to handle. It can be obtained in a cordless version and can be taken anywhere. This would be the best option for anyone who is starting new on landscaping or for people who need something for their large trees.

Features To Look For When Buying A Professional 50CC Chainsaw

Bar Length - Before deciding the bar length, one must narrow down the work that they are most likely going to do with the chainsaw. If using for cutting tall trees, then bar lengths ranging from 10 to 24 inches must be selected. For thick cuts, it would require much more power and bar length.

Mobility Options - It can be terrifying to use such a highly-powered tool. So, it should be easy to carry and move around. The chainsaw must be of low to moderate weight, and proper handles must be installed to get precise cuts. One should have a firm grip and control over the chainsaw.

Maintenance - It is a professional chainsaw used for heavy-duty work, so this means it probably undergoes a lot of wear and tear. Therefore, the components must be easy to assemble to get back to work when the chainsaw is being serviced. Look for a durable chainsaw with exciting accessories alongside.

Price - The investment made must be worthwhile and should last for many years. Many brands like Poulan, Craftsman, and Husqvarna have chainsaws at nominal prices. They range from 150 dollars to 300 dollars.

Warranty -  The warranty period defines the durability and sustainability of the product indirectly. Many brands are providing a minimum of 2 years of warranty, and in some cases, it is extended to 5 years. Longevity is the key factor to keep in mind while purchasing a professional chainsaw.


There it is, wrapped up in a few paragraphs. That is all one needs to understand and consider while buying a chainsaw. It is essential to check the specifications and also practice using it once or twice. To look at some of the best options, visit our list of top ten 50cc chainsaws.