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Best Chainsaw Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021

Trimming logs for the cold season, pruning, remove the hazard tree- your most committed partner will be your chainsaw for all these. Battery-powered or gas-powered, large, or small cutting efficiency, the options are full. Let's just end the hunt.

All chainsaws do the same job of cutting trees and branches. The difference is the power, size, and type of engine it uses to complete the work. Well, for any product, you are never out of choice. But there has to be one best pick. To help to decide your best professional chainsaw, follow this guide and implement what you learn.

Types of Chainsaw

Gas-Powered Chainsaw

Gas chainsaws seem to cut fast and easily. Its high chain speed needs less force from the operator to make clean cuts relative to other underpowered electric versions, rendering them the ideal choice for heavy-duty jobs, such as cutting large branches and trees. Most of them are substantial and louder than electric models. They also demand fueling and regular maintenance of the engine's air pump and spark plug, and they emit exhaust gases. Like other all gas-powered devices, gas chainsaws emit highly lethal carbon monoxide, and you should never run them inside the house. Chain-bar sizes are usually 16 to 18 inches for homeowner's cutters, more extended for a professional model.

Corded-Electric Chainsaw

Most electric chainsaws have a plug-in electrical wire and are less expensive than gas-powered systems. They usually weigh a little less, and they're all run effortlessly: simply plug them in and push the button. But their lower cutting pace restricts them to lighter-duty jobs, such as the forming of hedges, or the casual trimming of small tree branches. Their power cord holds you connected to the closest power box. You will also require a 14-gauge or maybe even more durable 12-gauge extension cord to get the amperage needed for optimum results. Note that extension cords of that type are around 100 feet, and you're not allowed to go any further than that length from the plug.

Battery Powered Electric Chainsaw

Battery-powered chainsaw saws work on the help of the battery and relieve you from the power cord. They cost about the same as gas saws, and most latest evaluations reveal that their success can be as good — might even better — than that of a light-duty gas system. The voltage and amp-hour level of the battery is calculated by running time, but assume about 30 to 40 minutes of cutting at a full battery. And it takes around 60 minutes to charge the battery. These saws have adequate power to cut off large tree branches and even small trees. If you have another battery-powered gear, take into account purchasing a chainsaw from the same brand — the batteries are also identical.

Electric Loopers

If you have a chainsaw that causes anxiety in your heart, but you also have to break through an occasional small branch, try a light-duty power lopper. The cutting device is placed two feet away from the palms and secured within a set of safety grips. The lightweight pocket chainsaw makes it simpler to hit a cut, mainly if you use the additional extended pole, which provides up to 10 feet of reach to elevated branches.

Things to Consider While Buying a Chainsaw

Guide Bar Length

The width of the tree decides the size of the guide bar. And, to some degree, by the standard of your knowledge. If you are used to using a chainsaw, you will have exposure to at least two distinct guide bar sizes, enabling you to change the guide bar's length for various tree types. The smaller guide bar weighs less and is easy to handle when cutting the branches of the tree. A more extended guide bar and chainsaw blades are needed for the cutting of more giant trees.

Type According to Need

The types of chainsaw you should buy entirely depends upon the purpose of the chainsaw. A mini chainsaw is ideal for casual household use and slightly heavier and more powerful models for professional jobs. Gas-powered models are useful for industrial purposes. You should assess your needs and then decide what type you need, so that you may not waste money.


Some people may need a standard chainsaw to complete their job. On the other hand, chainsaws with additional features are required for industrial or heavy works. Try to determine what all features are necessary for you and which function is merely an extra. You may get confused with the machine if you don't know how to operate advanced models. That's why it is advisable to buy a regular model unless you really need a professional chainsaw version.


The price of chainsaws varies according to type and its power. Corded chainsaw price starts from about $70 and goes up to $300 and above. Gas and electric models are expensive and cost around $150 to $400 or even higher. If you need cheaper and light models, than loopers are ideal fit with the price range of $70 to $150. Only after determining your needs, you should spend on a type of chainsaw. These machines are powerful tools, so it's recommended that you should not waste on such devices without any reason.


The warranty period for chainsaws is generally three years. Rest, it may depend upon the brand and type of model you choose. It doesn't matter what you pick, and you should always look for the warranty to secure your tool. If we talk about the long run, then it is one of the most crucial factors to consider. Some of the best chainsaw brands usually provide extended coverage, so do not forget to check for it.

Final Words

We believe you 've discovered something helpful or informative in this chainsaw buyer's guide. Please note that your individual preferences will decide the perfect chainsaw for you and your physical ability, stability, and budget. No matter what type you buy, the main thing you should do before you use it is to review the owner's instructions carefully, mount the chainsaw, bring on your protection gear. Also, to gain more guidance to choose the ideal model for your needs, check our expert recommended list of top 10 chainsaws.