Top 10 Rear Tillers For Lawns & Parks

Build a garden around the house by loosening the hard & rocky ground with the help of the best Rear Tillers.

Updated On Oct 2021

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Best Rear Tillers Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021

Gardening is a fun activity when having some spare time, but keeping the soil healthy is a challenging task for every gardener. To prepare the entire garden manually can take a toll on your body. So, to make gardening a hobby, the first thing to buy would be a rear tiller. It can loosen up hard ground with its power, and it can turn the same surface into soft garden soil. Before rushing to the store and buying the first one you see on the counter, you should consider a few factors that will help get the best rear tiller for your garden.

Types Of Rear Tillers Based On Rotating Styles

Counter - Rotating Tines

Unlike most tillers, this one rotates in the opposite direction that is counterclockwise. When associated with this different rotation, the wheels at the front make tilling very easy and compact. Such rear tillers give the best results when used on hard or clay soils.

Forward Rotating Tines

In this case, the wheels and the tines rotate in the same direction. It is not ideal for hard grounds. It is best to use for a land that is of depth 5” or less. Try to stick to smaller fields when using this type of rear tiller.

Dual Rotating Tines

Dual means that it can rotate in both forward and backward directions. This type of tiller is ideal for any ground and any field size. For example, when one needs to shift from soft soil to hard ground, this tiller can quickly change direction and get the job done.



Adding forward and reverse speeds are going to be very helpful while cultivating the garden. One can entirely control the movements to re-till the areas. Some high-end tillers have multiple speed options that let one accelerate at a much faster rate.

Drag Bar

Many find the drag bar feature useful when trying to maintain consistent depth. It is a flexible tool and runs at the back of the tiller. It is effortless to use, and all you have to do is set up the depth you need and start tilling.

Collapsible Handle

This handle makes it easy to fit the tiller in the back of a vehicle. It is common in most front-tine tillers but can be used for rear tillers as well.


Before starting, make sure to read the manual and get equipped with the right safety features. Long pants and goggles are some essentials to buy when tilling regularly. Adding counterweight benefits in maintaining the balance as one tills the ground.


To get most of the features mentioned earlier, one should manage their budget correctly. The prices range anywhere between 200 Dollars to 2000 Dollars. If you are new to gardening, then go with a cheap tiller, and for people who are serious in cultivation, try to get more useful features that make your purchase worthwhile.


A tiller without a good warranty is no right. It can get many problems, and internal parts can be damaged for some reason. To not get into such issues, try to look for a reasonable one year limited warranty period.


That is all one needs not to forget when buying a rear tiller. Go to some stores and practically check out its functionality. For good deals and discounts, look at some of the online stores. To buy the most popular tiller, follow our list of top ten rear tillers.