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A tiller is a very useful device that allows gardeners to perform a range of activities throughout the garden. It helps gardeners easily split the land, making it possible for them to maintain their rows of gardens and keep them clean. The machine is also helpful for de-escalating large lawns and landscaping areas.

As tiller is becoming a common term among gardeners, brands started designing different new models with distinct features, for instance, electric tillers and cultivators, which have proved to be extremely useful tool for the gardeners.

Types of Electric Tillers

There's the main question you need to answer once you start looking for an electric tiller:

You wish to buy a corded or a cordless tiller?

Corded Electric Tiller

All you need is a residential electricity socket and an extension cord to get a corded electric tiller working. To use a corded cultivator is as easy as carrying out a brief maintenance test, simply plugging it in and moving it along your garden lines.

It will not be able to break the soil for cultivating a new bed of flowers, but you can use one of these tillers to undertake a variety of essential garden activities:

  • Aerification
  • Weeding
  • Make improvements to the soil.

The only restriction is the time you can spend standing. A customizable tilling width is a convenient tool for the corded cultivators. With a handful inches of range, you can rapidly and effortlessly take on a range of job sizes with one handy tool. If you're planning to invest more than 45 minutes focusing on the consistency of your garden soil, a corded model is the best option for you.

Cordless Electric Tiller

Cordless tillers have been built to be simple-to-use devices that enable gardeners to operate without being connected to a source of electricity. All you have to do is charge the battery and put it into the tiller, and you can conduct some gardening activities for almost an hour. Cordless devices have the advantages that any small-scale gardener will appreciate:

  • Quiet process
  • Easy to maintain job
  • Easily portable

Current cordless electric tillers use lithium-ion batteries as their primary power supply. Lithium-ion batteries are becoming the predefined battery type in cordless power tools known for its ability to function at a sustained level of power all across their whole runtime, without any volatility. If you need to run a tiller more than 100 feet from a power outlet, a cordless, battery-powered system is a great option.

Crucial Points to be Taken Into Account While Looking for an Electric Tiller

When you start looking for an electric tiller, you will find that many models have common qualities. So, how do you know the best thing? Below, we're going to discuss the features to check for and remember while purchasing.


The size of the tiller is perhaps the most significant aspect that you need to address. To ensure that you purchased the right machine, calculate the area you intend to use the tiller. A comparatively small yard may only demand a mini electric tiller, while a significantly bigger garden will be better off with a tiller that generates 5 or 6 horsepower. For heavy-duty jobs, you can find a higher horsepower unit. Evaluate the area to ascertain the optimal machine size.

Cord Lock

It may not appear relevant when buying, but remember how irritating it is when your vacuum gets unlocked at home. Handheld electric tillers can require gardeners to move up to 100 feet from the electrical socket. If the cable goes unplugged regularly, you'll lose a lot of time and energy going back and forth to plug it back in. The cord lock entirely removes this major issue.


Do the tillers you 're thinking about have wheels? Wheels enable tilling a lot simpler. Only getting wheels isn't meant to be enough to please the buyers. Take a glance at the electric tiller reviews and make a note of any description of the wheels. What do the people have to suggest about their wheels? Are they very durable and robust? Are they coming loose? Get the answers to all these questions before making the final choice. Some tillers like Sun joe tillers also provide three-position wheel change.

Rotational Speed and Variable Speed

The rotational speed is expressed in the RPM. Preferably, gardeners going to till their yard or garden need an electric tiller with RPMs of around 180 RPMs to 200 RPMs. It is directly proportional to the tilling power of the machine.

Sometimes one needs to till deeply while slightly less other times; in such case, you'll need to get an electric tiller with variable speeds. Adjustable speed settings enable the users to monitor how quickly and deep a tiller will move.

Number of Tines

Tines are one of the essential components of an electric tiller. Electric tillers are made of two, four, or six tines. Tines dig into the soil and help to get it ready. The number of tines will determine the productivity of the tiller. Small electric tillers will generally have a less number of tines but are fit for small gardens.


Some brands like Earthwise electric tiller provide affordable tillers with a price range of $100 to $120. These do not have extra features but will get the job done, and anybody can afford it. Some high-end models will cost around $500-$600. But there is no need to spend over without any reason; an average model with standard features will cost about $150 and will get the job done.


You will find electric tillers with a warranty period of two years to even five years and more like in Mantis electric tillers. Consider all the features and then compare the warranty period of all alternatives before purchasing one. Longevity must be a key factor, so opt for the one that offers more years of warranty.

Bottom Line

Having a garden tiller will let you transform your garden into a fantasy landscape. Hopefully, this buyer's guide has supported you with all the knowledge you need about buying in the right tiller to match your requirements. For more advice on choosing the correct electric tiller, follow our list of top 10 electric tillers available in the market.