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Best Router Table Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021

Crafting a masterpiece requires a skilled artisan, and it also needs all the right amenities. One such tool or facility that every woodworker requires is a router table. There is doubt regarding the value the router adds to the garage or one’s workshop. It brings a significant change to one’s technique of craftsmanship. If one is very serious about starting his or her studio, then it is imperative to do in-depth research on different types of routers available and other features related to it. It is challenging to find the perfect one when there are more than a thousand options in the marketplace. The three main factors to look are design, features, and build quality. The materials used for the build, make a significant impact on the performance and end product. For example, if one takes a metal base, the lower vibrations enhance the finish on the wood piece and increase its accuracy. The table’s base also plays a significant role in its stabilization. When buying a router table, one should always aim at getting more work done in less time. In this guide, we’ll discuss different types of charts available and the factors that need consideration.

Types Of Router Tables

Router tables come with many variations in terms of design and structure. The three main styles incorporated are benchtop, floor-standing, and extension table. Choose whichever table suits your needs and requirements that can enable one to create masterpieces. Each one of them provides precision differently. So, let’s have a peek at the different categories leading the marketplace.

Benchtop Router Table

The versatile and adaptive nature of the benchtop router table makes it accessible in the marketplace. Many people prefer this particular table over others because of its premium workplace allotted for woodworking and routing. It can easily be adjusted to modern woodworking techniques. All this is accomplished with the help of mounting hardware, aluminum fence, and many other adjustable features. Every feature is connected and works parallel to each other. The table also comes with an in-built cord wrap that supports to provide more portability. Dust is deposited in a clean and orderly fashion onto the collection port of the benchtop router table.

Floor-Standing Router Table

This type of router table is smaller compared to other categories. With its compact nature, one can easily mount it on top of the bench. The drawers under the table come handy for storing all sorts of router bits and tools. If one has very little space in the garage, then this table would be a perfect choice. These tables are proven to be more effective for inverted table routing.

Extension Router Table

For amateurs and professionals who are looking to extend their woodworking skills, the best choice would be an extension router table. It provides all the necessities and that too without occupying huge space. This is also called a saw router table. The saw is extended on either side of the table with the help of a standard fence and deep top. The upper part of the table is built with a melamine surface. The edges are polyethylene and the core is MDF. Every single feature contributes to making it an ideal router for every craftsman. Some models are foldable and more flexible than other types. To encourage talented woodworkers, one could present them with a brand new extension router table. It can only take their skills to the next level.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Router Table

Mounting Plate

It is advised to find a router table that comes with a universal base. One can also consider template drilling for the plate, which allows any router to be mounted on the plate. For quality assurance, make sure to double-check regarding the fitting of the mounting plate.

Determine Your Usage Location

If one has enough space in their garage, there is nothing to worry about its usage location. The problem arises when there is insufficient space. Then, one has to take into account transportable models. These portable router tables are for those people who work on-the-go or on-site. They can also be very affordable.

Base Size & Material

The materials used and the size of the base should always aim to provide a secure working platform. One has to choose a base that can accommodate their average-sized workpiece without coming out of the workstation. It can be larger than the workpiece, but make sure it is not less. Coming to the materials, manufacturers mainly use wood and MDF. However, the most long-lasting and robust material is steel. If one has a reasonable budget, then go with steel for getting high performance.

Fence & Fixing Points

The interior parts are as important as the exterior. Try not to change multiple times because it can ruin your workpiece. The fixing points and the fence should stay intact to make good use of the features available.

Dust Removal

While working a massive piece of wood, the waste generated is always in enormous amounts. One should look for an easy way to discharge all the debris into a waste bin. So, search for collection ports and some filtration systems to prevent any harm to your lungs. A dust mask goes a long way for safety. Never compromise on your health because the effects can be visible only in the long term.


The price varies from one brand to another, and it entirely depends on the quality. Some brands that put quality as top priority are Bosch and Ryobi. The plates and other accessories cost very little when compared with the table. If possible, get them at the same time for easy installation. One should maintain its budget in the range of 150 Dollars to 250 Dollars.


Any new hardware can be dangerous, and it is important to get a good deal on the warranty period. If the table breaks or gets damaged, then the cost of repairs can be huge. One can avoid all that with a warranty. Look for at least one-year limited warranty deal and clarify your doubts regarding the technical aspects from one of the professional members.


That’s it, guys! All the information is deduced in a few paragraphs. The first thing to decide is which type of table suits your skill. After that, one can move one to mounting plates and getting safety gear. Longevity is the key for such router tables, so better select from a reputed brand. One can look at the latest models by following our list of top ten router tables.