10 Best Portable Solar Charger of January 2023

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Best Portable Solar Charger Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021

Ever run out of juice for your mobile or any other gadget while enjoying beautiful sunsets? It has happened to almost everyone that the battery dies when one needs it the most. But one need not worry because new and advanced solar chargers are on the way to disrupt the charging space. So, the next time one goes camping or long-trips, they never have to worry about battery percentage. With this small and portable solar charger, one can never miss the fun of outdoors. They are also so versatile, and it is because they are not only applicable to mobile phones but can also be equipped with car batteries. Everyone has learned that by harnessing the power of the sun, we can supply electricity to many appliances and devices. So, why not make that learning an experience today?

Before going to the specification, it is important to know the variations available. It helps in picking the best portable solar charger. With unique characteristics and features

There are three main types of portable solar charger:


These are different elements included in one solar charger. They are lightweight but cannot be relied on for long journeys. It can perform better when compared to others in low illumination areas.


It lacks flexibility but makes it up in durability. It can sustain critical conditions like cloudy and dusty weather. These are foldable and portable solar chargers that everyone looks for on their smartphones.


This is considered to be an average level charger because of its lower efficiency than monocrystalline. These portable types of chargers come with waterproof compatibility.

Factors to look out for in a portable solar charger

Reliable Brands - It is good to go with a trustworthy brand for your charger. We want it to work in extreme conditions, and brands with low-quality cannot help one in those situations. Check reviews of products and test them for consistency.
Power- We want it to last long enough to charge at least half the battery percentage. Choose a more powerful charger for your mobile. It depends on which device one wants to charge. When charging mobiles, 7 watts is sufficient, but for multiple devices, it is better to go with 15 watts.

Storage Capacity - The amount of charge that the battery can store determines its storage capacity.  Replaceable and affordable must be preferred, and AA features must be maintained.

Price Point - The prices of the product vary depending on storage capacity and charge it can produce. It ranges from 20 dollars to 200 dollars. When intending on long journeys, go with a little expensive charger because it gives more juice.

Warranty - A warranty is only as good as the brand, and it can extend up to 3 years. Choose the charger that offers replacement of parts and extended warranty period. Make it worth your time and choose the one that offers more longevity.

Bottom Line

It is time to move forward with renewable sources of energy and make the most of solar power. Make sure to check its connectivity with your gadget and practically run it for a few days. So, want to be a part of the next energy revolution? If yes, then do follow our list of top ten portable solar chargers.