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Best Long Slot Toaster Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021

Toasties are love for many people, and with just one bread slice, their day is off to a great start. The size and shapes of bread are changing from time to time. It always happens when you buy a pack of bread, and it doesn't fit in your toaster. It is so frustrating in the morning breakfast. If you are a toast fan, then let's change this and find a solution. The long slot toaster is the solution to all our toasting problems. With this one appliance, one can get a crispbread, toasted and golden! Long slot toasters can do all the jobs done by an ordinary toaster, only better with more features and versatile nature. It's time to say your goodbye to your old toaster and bring in a brand new long slot toaster. Finding the perfect toaster can be confusing, but with proper guidance, it can be achieved. In this guide, we will be sharing some tips and features that can help you have the best breakfast every morning with a long slot toaster. Make sure you read till the end before rushing to the store and buying the first toaster on the shelf.

Why Buy A Long Slot Toaster?

Picking bread slices for your toaster to perfectly fit is a hard thing to estimate. A long slot toaster is designed in such a way that it can fit all sizes of slices. The extra-long toasting slots can accommodate a wide variety of bread. It can even toast extra-large bagels. The heat setting is very advanced, and in a quick thirty seconds, your toast is ready for breakfast. The sleek black and white toasters are very stylish in designs. They make your kitchen table appealing. Long slot toasters always maintain the internal temperatures and give proper even toasting for every bread slice. The stainless steel collection of these toasters are top-notch in performance and durability. If you have a sweet tooth, then you are in luck with the long slot toaster. It can even toast waffles and muffins to perfection.

Many toasters of this type have at least five heat settings. This means there are many possibilities of toasting the bread. It can be toasted from light to dark, and every slice is crispy. Shade controls in the long slot toaster offer many browning options that allow one to customize their bread. Some toasters come with independent toasting settings that let you toast bread in two different ways at the same time. The high lift lever function of a long slot toaster makes it easy to monitor the browning process. All the toasters come with either a digital or analog panel that is very easy to understand and operate. The options are usually significant and highlighted, so the navigation part is pretty straightforward. The toast lift helps in removing the toast without burning your fingers. The cleaning is made simple with the removable crumb tray and dishwasher safe.

Things To Know Before Buying A Long Slot Toaster

Slot Size

The size of slots in a long slot toaster is generally longer than any other toaster. They can go up to 16 inches. The size tells us how big of a bread slice it can toast. Anything between 12 to 14 inches is more than enough to cover all your favorite waffles and bagels. To make it easy, choose a toaster that can perfectly cook your favorite bread. Also, don't forget about the width of the long slot toaster. The width is important because some bread options are required to be thick to taste good.

Slot Variants

The number of slots on the toaster depends upon the family or group size. The most common variants are two-slice toasters and four-slice long slot toasters. More than four slots can be a burden to maintain and clean. It is better to choose a four-slot toaster because it saves you a lot of time and energy. If friends come over, it is easier to serve some quick toasts with a four-slice toaster.

Temperature Controls

The primary reason for good taste is the bread, but the temperature is also equally important to make a perfect toast. All new devices are coming with digital settings to control the temperature. Choose a toaster with at least five heat settings, this way you can use it for many other food items too. To have more flexibility with your toaster, look for a separate time and temperature controls.

Ease Of Maintenance

The cleaning should take less time, and the debris of the toaster should come off quickly. A toaster with removable trays is always a better option. The crumbs can soon be deposited on the plate for cleaning.

Stylish Designs

The long slot toasters have an aesthetic looking body, and it goes well with any kitchen. The finish on the toasters come in three types: stainless steel, black and white options. Some models come with futuristic looks, but they are usually costly. If you want your toaster to stand out, then modern or high-fashion designs are more good looking.

Defrost Feature

Some models of long slot toasters come with a defrost option that can save a lot of time in pre-heating. The reheating and defrosting are done simultaneously. If looking to save some time in the morning, look for a defrost feature in your toaster.


The cost of any toaster is based on its features and durability. Some brands that provide both are Cuisinart, Oster, and Kitchenaid. The price starts from 30 Dollars on some basic models, and it can go up to 150 Dollars with advanced features and designs.


The best toaster comes with the best warranty. Repairs can occur at any time, so it is better to be on the safe side. Look for at least one year of limited warranty guarantees replacement and regular servicing. For some high-end toasters, the warranty period can be for a maximum of three years. Choose whichever suits your kitchen.


Picking the perfect toaster for your kitchen is only a matter of finding the right features and designs that suit your kitchen and eating habits. Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly toaster or high-end version, always look for the essential elements mentioned in the above paragraphs. Make your mornings brighter and healthier with a top-rated long slot toaster. To make that happen, follow our list of top ten long slot toasters.