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Best Gaming Laptops Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021

Many people are not a big fan of desktop gaming setups. Gaming PCs are costly to build and are fixed just to one place. With the same powerful components and stylish designs, gaming laptops are a completely different breed from ordinary notebook laptops. Everyone wants to play high-end games that require higher specifications on their laptops itself. Games like The witcher3, GTA V, Apex Legends, and Far Cry 5 require more graphics and memory settings lacking standard laptops. Keeping in mind is that when portability and high-quality components come together, they put a massive hole in our pockets. There are thousands of combinations available with different graphic cards, RAM, and Processor. It is the best time to go surfing to find the best gaming laptop. A gaming-oriented laptop that is power-packed and portable is the main goal to meet when starting to look for a gaming laptop. There are laptops of all budget ranges, sizes, and even customizable laptops are also available. A gaming laptop is not all about speed, but many other components have to contribute equally to maintain that level of speed. Before proceeding to the advantages of gaming laptops and some specs, people should remember that gaming laptops have many applications. Still, at the same budget, one can get a better gaming desktop.

Gaming Laptop VS Gaming Desktop

There is no right machine for everyone when it comes to gaming. One who wants a smaller and portable edition then they go with a gaming laptop. For people who are into serious gaming and play for long hours, they need a desktop. Gaming laptops have many applications and drawbacks. One drawback is that many gaming laptops cannot be modified after purchase. But in the case of desktops, they can be customized; however, one wants their computer to perform.


In the case of portability, gaming laptops are far easier to handle and operate. For example, one can carry anywhere and start gaming instantaneously without any hassles of cables. Desktops trade their portability with high-end software and graphics. But one good thing from desktops is that multiple monitors can be accessed from a single source.

Hardware Upgradation

It is a downside for gaming laptops. There is not enough space for upgrading components like RAM and video memory. It is expensive, but the specs are limited. In the case of a PC, there is no limitation to any component for an upgrade. When you purchase a laptop, then that is it no extra features for the lifetime of that device.

Which Is Right For You?

There is no right answer to this question. Gaming laptops and desktops are unique in their way and serve different purposes. Gaming laptops are considered All In One machine that serve many applications at the same time. Some people don't require high-end desktops for their needs. While some others one for streaming and editing purposes. Stick to your requirement and choose between a laptop or a desktop. If deciding to buy a laptop, then a few factors are to be taken into account that makes the whole process easy.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Gaming Laptop

Size - Laptops are portable, and with the proper size, they can perform even better. It is best to stick to 15-17 inches size as the laptop is more used for gaming. For more portability, one must check out some 13-inch models. One thing regarding size is that as it increases, GPU's power or CPU tends to decrease.

Graphic Card / Video Memory - Graphics card is the component that defines your clarity and smoothness when playing high-end games. Nvidia GeForce is the most trusted brand for graphic cards. There are many versions in graphic cards that range from 3GB to 8GB. For serious gamers, the GTX Super 2060 is worth your money. At a lesser price, one can get 1060 and 1660 graphic cards.

Display - When coming to display, it is best to avoid touch screens as it causes many issues with other components. It can be QHD or 4K for the resolution part of the display. When choosing a laptop, check whether the display has G-Sync or FreeSync.

Processor & RAM - These are probably the backbone of the laptop's speed and performance. Intel processors are the most common in laptops, and the AMD version is not present in most cases. If possible, choose only Intel processors and don't go below i5 versions. And make sure to have at least 8GB of RAM. Also, make it a point to check for an empty slot to extend it to 16GB.

SSD VS HDD - SSD is always the better option. Data reception and transfer is very fast when using SSD memory. It may cost a little bit more than the Hard Disk but is worth every penny. It is best to have both storages where one can be used for general files or folders and others that are the SSD for running applications.

Price - Budget is crucial when buying a top-rated gaming laptop. It is a lot of money at stake, so proper budget management is essential. There are many trustworthy brands like Dell, Hp, Alienware, Asus, and Lenovo, which have laptops from basic models to premium high-feature models. Gaming laptops have a base price of 650$, and the price tag can go up to 2000$. Don't put more money if not looking to use the laptop for long hours.

Warranty - A laptop with no warranty has no guarantee in the long run, and all the money spent can vanish within a snap. If needed, spend some more bucks to get a good deal on the warranty period. Many brands are giving at least one year limited warranty period. Some brands like Asus ROG are giving three years of warranty. So, it varies from price point to price point and company to company.


All that being said, one has to pay attention to each detail of the gaming laptop carefully. Such analysis is needed because you will use it extensively for the next two to three years. Double-check important specs and also try to go to different stores to have a complete idea. Look in some online stores for reasonable prices on the laptop. To get your very own laptop from the best options, follow our list of top ten gaming laptops.