10 Best Drones For Beginners To Learn Aerial Photography

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Updated On Oct 2021

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Best Drones For Beginners Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021

Welcome to the world of drones. It is so much fun to play around with these nifty little machines. To start in this new era of drones can be intimidating for beginners. But it is better to start somewhere than to regret afterward. People looking to explore in the fields of photography or racing need to consider buying a drone that can take their game to the next level. But when it comes to purchasing a drone made explicitly for a beginner, many factors and features go into the picture that may be more suitable for their skill set.

Tips For BUYING A Beginner Drone

As you are just starting, it is better to buy a cheap drone at first. Purchasing a cheap drone will help in experimenting and learning new techniques in flying a drone. So, learning basics with an expensive drone is not ideal, and all your money can go in vain. To have fewer crashes while learning, try taking a few simulations before operating the drone. This way, one gets to understand the drone better before flying it in real life. As one is just an amateur at flying drones, it is highly recommended to stay within the visible range.

Look for a drone that can be easily repaired even after a significant crash. Always try to keep the maintenance costs low because once it is damaged, it is hard to find a replacement. If one is looking to explore photography, try taking a few sample shots and figure out which angle is better. For people deciding to take part in racing, try to get a good grip on controlling the speeds and movements.

Features To Look For In A Beginner Drone

Battery Life

One learning to fly would require more juice with their drone. To get most out of learning, try carrying an extra battery. The best drones in the market also give a maximum of 30 minutes of flight time. For a beginner, there is no reason to go overboard, so stick to standard batteries.

Drone Stability

For people looking for video and photography drones, try to get the most stable drone in the marketplace. If your drone is unable to stay in one position, it is challenging to capture good quality images and videos.

Obstacle Avoidance

This feature will be beneficial for beginners. When learning to fly, one will encounter many obstacles and end up spoiling their propellers or other parts. So, to escape from such constraints, one needs to have obstacle avoidance technology in their drone.


As it is your first drone, make sure to manage your budget correctly. Many brands are providing drones specific to beginners, and their prices range between 150 Dollars to 500 Dollars. Try not to spend more than 500 Dollars on your very first drone.


We all love guarantees, but when buying, it is the first thing we forget. Most of the manufacturers are giving at least one year of limited warranty. Go to different stores or websites and look for brands that provide excellent customer service and extended warranty periods.


That’s it! Now, one has all the information to get started and can bring home their favorite drone. The main thing to check is whether the drone is good for learning and meets the requirements. To look at some of the most popular items, follow our list of top ten drones for beginners.