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Best Gaming Console Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021

The gaming industry is increasing its horizon by introducing more console type devices into the market. With these new gaming consoles, the growth and craze seem never to stop. There is no such thing as kids gaming consoles or adult gaming consoles anymore. It is all universal, and everyone can enjoy high-quality gameplay. Having a PlayStation or an Xbox is always a dream for young kids. It's time to make that dream into reality. When it comes to buying a console, it takes hours of research to compare different gaming setups. To simplify the process, one has to understand the different specifications of every console. There are many variations like pc gaming consoles, consoles made by Microsoft, and some come under the category of portable consoles. It is difficult to identify the best console because each of them is unique in their way. Three leading companies are producing the best gaming consoles in their area of expertise. It is recommended to stick with these three as they can fulfill any requirement.

Popular Consoles In The Market

Microsoft Xbox

The first one on the list of gaming consoles in the Xbox. Over the years, Microsoft has launched many prevalent versions of Xbox. There is the basic version that is Xbox, and then comes Xbox X, which is the newest version of the gaming console. There is also Xbox One and Xbox One S that are very affordable and satisfying. The technical aspect of Xbox beats all the competition.


  • Controllers have long battery life.
  • Simple installation and connection to the TV.
  • Voice commands make it a lot easier to access games.
  • High graphics with any game.


  • Many issues with the Kinect may arise.
  • Games load time is more than any other console.
  • High data usage per month.

Sony Playstation

It is hard to miss sony’s PlayStation when talking about top gaming consoles. The latest console from Sony, i.e., the Ps4, has been one of the biggest hits in the gaming industry. The games that are associated with Ps4 are just incredible, and the graphics are top-notch. However, the latest version of the console is not doing that great with 4K Bluray settings. Streaming is one of a kind with the PlayStation.


  • Virtual reality is compatible and runs smoothly.
  • Best graphical performance in the gaming console industry.
  • When it comes to power, it is a beast.
  • Extra exclusives are more in the case of Ps4.


  • It is not compatible with games of previous versions.
  • Ps4 is not associated with any home media service or streaming.
  • Limited video gap and no voice recognition facility.

Nintendo Switch

The switch is probably the most versatile and unique console in this list of gaming consoles. It is the only portable console that can be used as a mobile gaming device and also be played on home media. This handheld console is best for casual gaming.


  • The transition from one setup to another happens within seconds.
  • Convenient for long hours of gaming.
  • Least loading time out of the three consoles.
  • Highly portable and fits right into your pocket.


  • Battery life lasts a maximum up to only 4hrs.
  • The display is not suitable for outdoor gaming.
  • Controller experiences lag frequently.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Gaming Console

Game Preference - One must choose a console that supports their favorite games that they would like to play. Some games like Japanese RGP's are not supported in Xbox and Playstation. In this category, everyone would agree that Playstation has the biggest library of games. So, don't end up with a shiny console that doesn't let you play your games.

Performance - It is the most crucial aspect that helps in comparing different gaming consoles. The resolution & frames per second are the two factors that let one understand the console's performance. Do proper research on the gameplays from each console. It is best to have 1080p resolution and 60FPS settings for any console. This takes the gaming experience to a new level.

Backward Compatibility - Your console must let you play games from previous versions. It should also not be outdated when a newer version is released. For example, when Ps5 launches, then all Ps4 matches must be compatible with Ps5. This way, one never misses out on any games that were released before the upgraded console.

Exclusives & Online Support - Some extra features are always better. Memberships and online gaming are booming these days. Playstation comes with fellowship and can be extended to yearly, which lets gamers have free games at some point of the year. Cloud storage is a must when thinking of spending more time online. Stable servers and no downtime for any console are required.

Controller - It is all dependent on one's comfort and can't argue which is better. Both Ps4 and Xbox have aesthetically appealing controllers. It is best to have a built-in screen for pausing, resuming, other functions. One can even customize their controller with favorite styles and designs.

Budget - A gaming console is not as expensive as a gaming setup, but managing a budget is essential to get the most out of it. All three companies Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, have consoles with different features that are priced very differently. The prices range from 300$ to 500$. It again depends on storage and gaming bundles. The console usually comes with a theme, or a pack of similar games is provided. One can also choose which games they want with the console.

Warranty - Many consoles might perform poorly after a few months and want to exchange or replace the model. So, a warranty card is vital for the user to get the damages repaired and get a brand new gaming console. Sony and Microsoft are providing a one year and two year warranty period on their consoles, respectively. Nintendo is also giving a limited one year warranty on its Switch controller.


That is all one needs to remember to make their childhood dream come true, i.e., buying a gaming console. Focus on all the key specifications and features mentioned. Try going to the store and play a few games to see how it feels. Look for reasonable prices on the console and games. Online stores like Amazon and Best Buy have sales now and then on which you can get amazing consoles at great prices. To look at some of the best consoles, follow our list of top ten gaming consoles.