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Best DSLR Camera Reviews & Buying Guide Of 2021

Clicking photos and sharing with friends is always fun. Photography has become so popular that many people are aspiring to be great photographers. To be an extraordinary photographer, one needs an excellent camera. The DSLR camera has been and will be one of the best cameras for advanced and beginner photography. A DSLR has it all. The three main things that a DSLR camera offers are manual controls, excellent picture quality, and interchangeable lenses. Therefore, buying a DSLR camera is not a piece of cake. It requires considering many factors and carefully analyzing those factors. Until a few years back, people were only looking at the size, weight, and optical viewfinder of the digital SLR design. But the trend is changing and is leaning towards new technologies in DSLR cameras. So, many other and further aspects have come into the picture. If a beginner is looking to start his journey in photography, he or she must pay close attention to the features and specifications. A DSLR camera is on the expensive side. One needs to fully understand the specialties of a DSLR and how it stands out of the crowd.

Why Buy A DSLR Camera?

It might seem pretty straightforward that a DSLR camera is a natural choice for many people to improve their photography skills. The reason behind such hype is its picture quality. It is one of the best in the market. A DSLR camera is better than any other device used for photography like a smartphone, compact camera, and a mirrorless camera. It is effortless to distinguish between photos taken by a smartphone and a DSLR. Mobiles can be easy to handle, but the image quality sucks when compared with a DSLR. When talking about compact cameras, one big problem is the lack of manual controls. The image quality of a compact and DSLR camera is nowhere near to each other. DSLR cameras come with interchangeable lenses, which is a massive upside for photographers. One can easily upgrade to a better lense without buying an entirely new camera.

The prices of mirrorless cameras are always high, whereas DSLR lenses are becoming more affordable. The line of collection of DSLR cameras is pervasive. The battery life and professional appeal make it one of the best options when buying a camera. There are endless features to look in a DSLR that makes the pictures look better. The sensors incorporated do a great job in capturing every aspect of the image. This type of camera has been around for decades to build their DSLR camera kit with many variations in sizes and lenses.

Things To Consider When Buying A DSLR Camera

One might be overwhelmed when seeing all the technical jargon on the labels. It cannot be avoided but can be simplified. Some of these features are a must-have, while some others are optional. Have a good grasp of the following terminology.

Sensor Size

The sensor is probably the essential component in the camera because it captures light to turn it into a digital image file. It has been proved that the size of the sensor is proportional to how it performs. If thinking of capturing night-life pictures, then the size of the sensor should be significant. It works great in low-light or night photography. Photographers are always looking for a greater depth of field effects. In that case, one needs to consider getting a larger sensor for their camera. There are two primary sensors that one can encounter when buying a professional camera. These are APS-C sensors and Full Frame Sensors.


Every advertisement on television fixates on one thing when it comes to cameras, i.e., megapixels. It is pretty straightforward that more megapixels mean more picture quality. One should focus more on this megapixel aspect when thinking of making prints of their pictures. In general, most prefer using them as wallpapers or posting on social media platforms. So, choose a camera that has at least 12 megapixels.

Image Balance

The top photographers take great pictures because they have perfect balance when holding the camera. Companies try to include image stabilization, but it is not as effective as a tripod stand. Try different cameras at the store and feel which is more comfortable. This technology can even come with lenses. It is better to have image stabilization in lenses as it can reduce the cost of the camera by a huge factor.

Weight & Proportions

DSLR cameras usually weigh more than ordinary cameras. If trying to emerge as a professional photographer, heavy cameras with large sensors have to be used. Pick a camera in the medium range as the lense and other accessories also weigh a lot.

Lens Flexibility

Being a flexible lens means it must be compatible with different cameras. Always choose interchangeable lenses for your camera. If one is sure about their camera setup, then it is not that hard to select lenses. Sticking with the same manufacturer for future lenses is a better option. It will save money, and one can easily adjust to the new lens.


They say pictures are priceless, but cameras that take those pictures come with a big price tag. So, properly maintain your budget to get the best DSLR camera. Nikon and Canon are the biggest names in the camera industry. It is best to stick with these two to get high-quality attachments and lenses. The price of a primary or beginner DSLR is around 400$. It can go up to 1400$, which is of the highest quality and used by real professionals.


Cameras are very fragile and cannot take any physical damage. So, it is best to have a warranty card that helps take care of any physical injuries. Many brands are giving a limited one year warranty on the cameras and lenses. The accessories have a lesser warranty and can be replaced within that time frame.


Great pictures are taken with great cameras, but also it takes time to master the skill of photography. So, make sure to get a camera that makes you a complete photographer. Many attachments come with the camera for different purposes like videography or cinematography. Make your films and videos come to life with the best DSLR camera. To look at some of the popular cameras in the market, follow our list of top ten DSLR cameras.