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After a tiring day at work, one thing that rejuvenates people is their bed. The same thing applies to dogs as well. Dog beds provide the utmost satisfaction to your pets. Also, even the owner gets to enjoy a good night's sleep. A dog bed is essential to maintain proper health and safety of the dog. Dogs may carry many germs, and it can lead to many infections or allergies. So, to keep the bacteria away from the house, the owner must get a bed for their dog. Dogs with their beds stay clean and healthy. But finding the one for your dog is a bit challenging. Essential information like pup's age and weight is not sufficient to make the best decision when buying a dog bed. One has to consider what makes their dog most comfortable before proceeding to buy a bed. As there are hundreds of styles of dog beds, one might find it confusing which to buy for their dog. To make it all accessible, we have provided some factors that make a huge difference when buying a dog bed. First, choose the type of bed you want and then keep adding exciting features that you desire.

Types Of Dog Beds

Standard Beds

These are the basic models with no advanced features or technology. It comes with a polyester filling or foam padding. They are highly customizable in different sizes and designs. Standard beds suit any dog breeds, but it may lack in providing that extra support that some aged dogs need. They come in several shapes like round, oval, rectangular, and square. The materials and colors can be chosen for our likings. Even the sizes can be small, large, and sometimes extra large is also available (XL).

Nest Dog Beds

The only thing that makes Nest dog beds unique is its rims and bolsters that surround the bed. It is way more comfortable for the dog to sleep as it can lean on the raised edges for support. Dogs look adorable in such Nest beds. These can also be customized to our likings. All sizes and colors are available that fit entirely for any dog breed.

Modern Beds / Orthopedic Beds

This type of bed comes with advanced technology like memory foam that supports a dog's body. Dogs having problems like arthritis or other orthopedic issues need an extra layer of foam. Orthopedics beds are best for senior dogs and skinny dogs. It can also prevent pressure soles and calluses.

Raised Dog Beds

Unlike any other dog bed, this is more like a sofa for dogs. The raised frames are made of either wood or plastic. The appearance is adorable as it can be matched to home furniture as well. However, when dogs jump from a high level, it strains its legs, and it is not that comfortable to jump up and down every time the dog wants to have a nap.

Heated Dog Beds

Want to give your dog a warm hug when you are not at home? Heated dog beds come with a combination of orthopedic features and heating effect that makes your dog sleep well, and also it is excellent for those aching joints. Especially in the winter season, these Heated beds make it very easy for the dog to sleep.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Bed For Your Dog

Pup's Age - Age of the dog is crucial when buying a bed. For senior dogs, a more thick coating is required. The same applies to fragile and weak dogs that were injured. If your dog is aging, then it is a must provide more comfort and safety. In such cases, beds like orthopedic and memory foam are the best options. Select a mattress that is easy on the joints and back.

Sleeping Style - Yes, dogs have a sleeping style. So, choose a bed that is most suitable for that style of sleeping. Some like to curl up, and some prefer to naturally sprawl out. So, observe their sleeping habits for a few days before buying a brand new bed.

Activity Level - Dogs always run around the house, so they are likely to make a mess in their beds. Therefore, when buying, choose a bed that offers removable and washable covers. This makes the cleaning process a lot simpler. It keeps your pal clean and hygienic.

Curled / Stretched - If a dog is taking too much time to adjust the bed, it is not the right one. Having curled sides can help some dogs sleep better, and the same thing applies to straight ends of the bed. Choose the one that suits and is also durable. To keep your dog fully protected and safe, buy a bed that has sides. If your dog is a bit more confident, then a flatbed is more suitable.

Price - The price is always based on the comfort level and size of the bed. With more features and thickness comes with a more hefty price tag. Modern beds like orthopedic and memory foam types are a bit more expensive. Even Heated beds cost a lot more than standard models. The prices start at 20$ and can go up to almost 200$. Look for more comfort, but remember to not overspend on unnecessary features and add-ons.

Warranty - A dog is going to need a long-lasting bed. Some brands like FurHaven and Bedsure are using the finest materials that increase the lifespan of the bed. Choose a bed that comes with at least four years of warranty. If the bed flattens out by a few inches, then you can replace it within this period. The same thing applies when the shape is distorted and looks nothing like when it is first brought. If possible, take your dog to the store to check out some beds.

Wrapping It Up

A bed for a dog is as important as food. With sleep comes beauty so, make sure to get the most comfortable bed for your dog. Measure the size of your dog and make sure that the mattress is bigger. Understand your dog's habits before making the purchase. Take time and make a wise decision. To look at some of the leading products in the market, follow our list of top ten dog beds.